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An unlikely pair venture to the Indonesian jungle in search of gold.

Kenny Wells lived all his life in the hope that one day he would be able to dig up a real treasure. Unfortunately, for a long time hero was unable to get the treasure, so treasure earner engaged in small businesses to obtain even the slightest of earnings. Now the hero is in a desperate situation, the circumstances on the job does not add up in the best way. And when a guy does not remain a single option, to remedy the situation, he decided on a dangerous risk.

Small businessman spends their savings to one tempting little business. The difficulty lies only in the fact that if it burned, the hero will be left without money and property. It turns out that you can find gold in the remote Indonesian jungle, but how true is the theory. Kenny is confident that this is the case, which will enrich and change the fate of the men. In the production of infinite riches hero takes a geologist, with miners go on dangerous and painful search, and possibly children lucky enough to find a gold mine.

In a world of deception and lies honesty is appreciated. But without these qualities is almost impossible to control by any business. No exception and gold digging. In this business has long been dominated by lies and treachery, and people were willing to commit any meanness, just to welcome area with deposits of gold went to them. Honestly act here will not work. Here Kenny Wells and his whole life looking for gold, but the act does not want to dirty methods, and so he does not work. Gold veins he lacks, and no wealth, he does not.

But once he finds an old map, which he sees marked with huge gold deposits. Only now, these deposits are located in the Indonesian jungle, in the most jungle, where there are no people. Kenny decided to go there, to find gold and to become, finally, the rich. Alone travel scary and dangerous, but that's who can be trusted with this information? Kenny meets Michael, also a loser, who agrees to go along with it. Michael has some knowledge in the field of geology and geography, and it seems fair.

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